Tommy Danger Winning with the Squad of Knights

Rap Olympus Media

Networking is not the collection of contacts but rather the building of relationships. Harlem entrepreneurTommy Dangerrecently joined an online community led by multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producerIllmind(@illmindproducer) called theSquad of Knights(@squadofknightsnft). The collective currently consists of 2000+ members, which include artists, producers, graphic designers, videographers, engineers, entertainment lawyers, and music industry disruptors in the Metaverse.

To gain access to the elite squad, one must first be an NFT holder. This step allows each artist to maintain total control over the rights to their music and profits. Frustrated with the music industry’s gatekeeping model,Tommy Dangerused the new opportunity to connect with multiple squad members. West Coast music producerDom_Brady(@dom_brady1) was one of the first to respond. After a few meetings in the Metaverse, the two got down to business and completed three new tracks together.

The first collaborative release is titled “Winning”…

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